Everything You Need to Know About This Blog

This blog belongs to us, Adam and Harriet. We are the sole contributors. We are walking enthusiasts from England, UK who like to explore.

When we are not working our day-jobs, we like to be as far as possible from the noise of normal society. We use this time to talk, think, take in the sights and relax.

It is our belief that we live in a beautiful country that has a lot to offer those who want to see it and we intend to see as much of it as possible. We are lucky enough to live in South Gloucestershire, home of the Cotswolds, which has so much to offer, as do the surrounding counties.

There are some things you should know about us;

  •  We do this purely for leisure and not for any competitive or commercial reason. We are not professional photographers.
  • We are not mountain-climbers so you will not see us crossing any ravines or navigating any rock faces.
  • We simply like to walk from A to B and have as much fun as we can while we do it
  • We prefer canal and rivers walks but are open to others as well.

We like to take pictures so we can share what we have seen. On here you will find the best of our snaps and the odd tasteless selfie. We will try and point out the best places to stop, stay and travel to in case anyone wants to try any of the routes we have done themselves.

We will post walks we have completed and walks that we have planned for the future.

Below are some useful sites (that we do not contribute to and are not affiliated with in any way) that you may wish to use in conjunction with this blog;

  • http://www.gps-routes.co.uk – Focusing more on long-distance trecking, OS maps for many of the routes we will cover (or sections thereof) are available on here. Lots to explore for readers who enjoy their cycling as well. We would always recommend subscribing to Ordnance Survey in order to enjoy unlimited use of their maps.
  • http://www.coolcanals.com – A great site for getting ideas for canal and riverside walks. Basic maps are provided and many of the walks on here can be easily extended. Provides good info on places to stay, eat and public transport links with all the relevant OS map grid references
  • http://www.tripadvisor.com – Need a second opinion on place we have mentioned? Where better to get it that Trip Advisor?
  • http://www.google.co.uk/maps – If you are ever in any doubt as to where we have been, the all-seeing eye that is Google Maps is probably the best place to check. It’s also great for looking up public transport links.

Please follow us on Instagram (greenspacewalking) and Twitter (@greenspacewalk1). 

Please see the contact page if you would like to speak to us.

Best wishes and keep exploring!

Adam & Harriet


*****PLEASE NOTE*****

Any images, video or other media on this blog are our property and we do NOT give our permission for any of our images, videos or other media posted on this blog to be copied, downloaded or in anyway whatsoever used for any purpose (whether for commercial gain or otherwise) other than this blog unless express permission has been given by us (Adam and Harriet, the contributors) in writing AND full credit is given to us (Adam and Harriet, the contributors) when the image, video or other media is used in whatsoever form as part of its presentation.

This excludes any images, video or other media on this blog that we have explicitly stated does not belong to us.

Any images, video or other media on other blogs, forums or other web pages that are not this blog and that can be access via a link or similar mechanism on this blog do not belong to us. This applies even when not explicitly stated by us on this blog.

The sharing of this blog or posts on this blog on social media is permitted.

Thank you for your co-operation.