Severn Beach to Bristol, Part 2

On a day like this it is a pleasure walk round Bristol’s harbour side. After a drink, we lest the Nova Scotia Hotel and headed for the city centre.



Cumberland Basin, Bristol Harbour



Underfall Yard



The Cottage Inn

The Cottage Inn is one of many popular harbour-side spots. We couldn’t resist a drink outside in the sun so we stopped for a while before pressing on.


I then passed the Bristol Harbour Railway line, a heritage steam railway that still shuttles passengers for a about a 1mile up and down the harbour. Historically this would have been connected to the main lines but now is just a tourist attraction. The railway lead me nicely along the waterside and into the centre of town.


Well it took two attempts but I got it done in the end. And to be honest, the weather was so good on the second day that I’m glad it panned out as it did.

This walk was most definitely different to anything I had completed before. I’d seen factories, manor houses, docks, parks, motorways, gardens, train tracks, bridges and, most of all, two majestic rivers. I took a few things away from this walk that I will remember on future adventures. For example, if you’re going to make up a 25km walk and then go out and do it that day, make sure you leave before noon. Also, a walk that you made up yourself in 15 minutes will probably surprise you a few times along the way. And lastly, what you see on the way doesn’t need to be green or natural to be scenic and memorable.

Thanks for sticking with me if your still reading. Make sure you catch up with Part 1 if you missed it. You can see our ‘Just Visiting’ Bristol day out here. For more walking on the River Avon Trail, have a look at Part 1 and Part 2 of our walk from Bristol to Bath along the river.

Keep exploring. You never know what you’ll find.

Best Regards,

Adam & Harriet


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