Severn Beach to Bristol, Part 2

Before too long, Clifton Suspension Bridge came into view, one of Bristol’s famous landmarks.


Completed in 1864, Clifton Suspension Bridge links the desirable area of Clifton in Bristol to Leigh Woods on the other side of the gorge and was designed by prolific Victorian engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Although Brunel came up with the original design for a wrought iron bridge across the gorge, construction was allegedly interrupted by the Bristol riots of 1831. His plans were later revised by William Henry Barlow and John Hawkshaw and construction was finished by which time Brunel had died.



Daylight was disappearing fast as I passed underneath the bridge and some buildings came into view.



Brunel Lock

Making my way along the river into the centre of the City, I looked back across the water at the Hotwells area of Bristol and thought about what wonderful views of the city some of the properties there must have.


I’m going to be honest about the outcome of this walk. In short, I wasn’t able to finish my intended route before it got dark. I realised this when walking next to the water on Spike Island in Bristol’s floating harbour. This realisation came when my phone was down to 2% battery. I used my last few seconds of battery life to give Harriet a rather hurried phone call and tell her the name of the pub I was outside so she could come and get me.

I left a little frustrated as this was the first time that I had run out of time and had to abort a walk before the intended destination.

Harriet and I went back to the very spot that I had been picked up before, the Nova Scotia Hotel, and finished the walk into the centre of town. The weather was considerable better as well.

The walk is concluded on the next page…

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