Just Visiting: Glastonbury Tor

I have very nostalgic feelings toward Glastonbury Tor and the town of Glastonbury. I lived there for nearly two years whilst I was growing up and frequently made the climb to the top of the Tor to enjoy the views on a nice day. Harriet is also very family with the Tor as she spent years of her life Cheddar before I met her. We recently found ourselves in the area and decided to walk up to the summit of Glastonbury Tor for old times’ sake.

Managed by the National Trust, the Tor protrudes abruptly above the flatness of the Somerset levels. It is certainly one of the most striking features of the Somerset landscapes and can be seen from miles around the county.

DSC00689DSC00692 (2)

There are two main routes up the terraced sides of the Tor, one being much steeper than the other which was the one we opted for. Following the winding stepped pathway upward, we watched the town and the surrounding countryside get smaller and smaller.


At the top you will find the ruins of St Michael’s tower which is both Grade 1 listed and a scheduled monument. The summit of the Tor is popular spot as you can see. The views from the top are enthralling even on a day like this where visibility wasn’t particularly good.



View of Glastonbury from Glastonbury Tor


We chose to go the opposite way down to the way we had come up so we could enjoy the view from the other side. The descent was as enjoyable as the climbing, offering great views of Glastonbury and the fields around it.


This visit helped us remember how special this place is. We hope you enjoyed the pictures and, as always, thanks for reading.


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More walking adventures soon…

Keep exploring.

Best Regards,

Adam & Harriet


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