Just Visiting: Warwick

Ok so due to various circumstances, March was almost a complete write-off in terms of posting anything. I hope April will be better.

As part of our mission to walk the Grand Union Canal in it’s entirety from Birmingham to London, Harriet and I recently ventured up to Warwick to do more canal walking. After coming off the towpath at the end of our delightful 2-day walk through Warwickshire, we spent the following day in Warwick having a look around the town and, of course, the castle.

The centre of town has a lot of Tudor-looking black and white timber framed buildings. DSC00048DSC00052DSC09973DSC09974DSC09975DSC09976DSC00046DSC00047

After a walk around the town we head up to Warwick Castle. Being used to going to castles that are operated by English Heritage or the National Trust, I was sceptical during our approach. But although the castle was very family-friendly, there was enough history to keep us interested.



Warwick Castle

The Horrible Histories maze was very nostalgic for me. I owned quite a few of the books as a kid.


The views from the castle ramparts and ‘The Mound’ were excellent. We stood for a while and took them in. DSC00008DSC00009DSC00010DSC00012DSC00013DSC00020DSC00023DSC00026

See more of Warwick castle on the next page below…

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