Bugs I

If you don’t like insects, look away now.

The natural world is very diverse and it would be unfair to only focus our posts on things with wings.

So here’s to the molluscs, invertebrates and small winged things that go largely unnoticed  most of the time while other more ‘popular’ wildlife gets all the attention. Here is our first instalment of bugs for you. Don’t worry, there aren’t any spiders, nor will there be in future posts.

dsc00428dsc01964dsc04980img_2324img_2682img_3872img_4040img_4480Hopefully these guys didn’t creep you out too much. I actually think most of the them are kind of cute in a strange way.

More walking and wildlife to follow.

Keep exploring!

Best Regards,

Adam & Harriet

Twitter: @greenspacewalk1
Instagram: @greenspacewalking


5 thoughts on “Bugs I

  1. Yes! They actually are cute, probably helped along by your magnificent picture-taking/framing abilities. I live in the country so I see lots of bugs. I especially like the colorful, and oddly unique ones. The slimy ones are OK unless they take up residence on my sliding glass door. Uck! I’ve decided that there’s room for all the bugs. I suspect they are not just here by accident; just as humans aren’t here by accident. So when the slimy bugs decides to relocate, I get out the Windex, clean the window, and move on. Thanks for sharing!!!

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