On The Horizon: Grand Union Canal, Warwick to Birmingham

We have a lot going on in the coming week. As well as walking the Severn and Thames Way this weekend, on Wednesday next week we are starting another big project that we have been wanting to begin for a while.

We be journeying up to Warwick in order to walk the Grand Union Canal approximately 25 miles into central Birmingham with an overnight stay in Knowle near Solihull at roughly the midpoint.

The Grand Union Canal is the UKs longest canal at approximately 150 miles and runs from Brentford in London to the historic Gas Street Basin in Birmingham (see the photo at the head of this post). It is part of a larger canal system that has many arms. We intend to eventually walk it in its entirety.


We have been to Gas Street Basin previously when we finished the Worcester and Birmingham Canal; our walk from Worcester to Droitwich Spa on the towpath was fantastic. Pictures etc. of the rest of that canal will follow shortly.

The walk will also take us through Kingwood Junction where the Grand Union links with the Stratford-upon-Avon Canal which we have also walked previously.



Kingswood Junction


Finally we have some spare time to start walking this monolithic waterway that is staple of British history; we could not be more excited.

Keep your eye on our Instagram and Twitter for live snaps (signal allowing).

Thanks for reading and keep exploring!

Best Regards,

Adam & Harriet

Twitter: @greenspacewalk1
Instagram: @greenspacewalking


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