Just Visiting: Minchinhampton, Cotswolds

Minchinhampton is a small town in the Cotswolds near Stroud, Gloucestershire that is on the very top of a big hill. At points on the drive up, Harriet and I were directing words of encouragement at her car as it was clearly having to work very hard.

The town itself is quaint and very pretty, but Minchinhampton is most renowned for its common that surrounds the town and covers the hilltop.


Memorial, Minchinhampton



dsc05432dsc05442dsc05503dsc05506Minchinhampton Common, formerly an Iron Age fort, is a beautiful open space with spectacular views of the Cotswolds and the Golden Valley. The common is a Site of Specific Scientific Interest and is owned and managed by the National Trust. Harriet and I walked around edge of the common and admired the views whilst cattle and horses grazed and wandered freely around us.




Stroud from Minchinhampton Common

dsc05455dsc05458dsc05463dsc05467dsc05469dsc05471dsc05474dsc05476There are a few tiny settlements that border the common, situated on the steep slopes near the top of the hill. One of which is Amberley where we were happy to find the Amberley Inn. I doubt if I’ve ever had a pint at this altitude in the UK before.


The Amberley Inn

Walking inward from here toward the centre of the common, we saw a stand-alone building in the middle of all the green.


It turned out to be the cosy and stylish Old Lodge where we stopped for a drink.


dsc05487dsc05488From here, we meandered back across the common toward the town itself, enjoying the scenery as we went.

dsc05489dsc05491dsc05495dsc05496dsc05498dsc054990dsc05505We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Minchinhampton and have never been anywhere quite like it.

We will be back in the Stroud areas soon for another one of our two-day walking adventures; more on that to follow.

Hope you enjoyed reading as we did visiting. If you liked this, make sure you check out our visits to Bourton-on-the-Water, Bristol, Stratford-upon-Avon, Avebury and Ludlow.

Our Castle Combe circular is also a must see if you like the Cotswolds.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read our page.

Keep exploring!

Best Regards,

Adam & Harriet

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