Birds IV

An assortment of birds this time round. Mostly waterbirds but some others as well that I felt deserved to be featured.

Still haven’t been able to 11 that pesky kingfisher. One of these days… Struggling to take a decent picture of a squirrel as well; they are usually in too much of a hurry for a photoshoot.

Here is another batch for now and lots more to follow. Like last time, there is a very clear winner of the prize for being the cutest.


Hope you enjoyed these.

More wildlife pictures will be up soon including a feature on insects, farm animals, plants and, of course, more birds. More of the same on our first two wildlife features, Waterbirds I and Waterbirds II.

Make sure you read about our recent trips to Ludlow and Bristol, our adventure on the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal and our adventurous ramble in the Wye Valley on our Tintern Circular.

Thanks for reading as always.

Keep exploring!

Best Regards,

Adam & Harriet


Twitter: @greenspacewalk1
Instagram: @greenspacewalking



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