Birds I

Spending lots of time outdoors means that inevitably we have seen a great deal of wildlife by this point. Although not all of it has been considerate enough to stay still so I can take a photo of it, most do comply and so it would be a shame not to share some of the best pics we have taken, hence new post series; Greenspace Wildlife.

A lot of our walking is done within the vicinity of a watercourse of some description and so we come across water birds often. All birds carry a certain grace that is largely absent in other species. A bird elegantly gliding along the water emitting ripples out to the banks as it goes will always make for a good picture. Our wildlife photo archives include ducks-a-plenty (including a few chicks that are beyond adorable), geese, swans and herons. I’ve yet to capture the holy grail of waterbird photography that is the kingfisher.

Here are a few for now.

DSC00030DSC00119DSC00371DSC00434DSC00368DSC00372DSC00440DSC00486P1000275IMG_0552 [182441]P1000289P1000680P1010295

Animal lovers fear not as there is much more wildlife to follow including lots more birds as well as other animals, plants and insects so we are being fair to everyone.

Thanks for reading.

Keep Exploring!

Best Regards,

Adam & Harriet

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