Greenspace Talking: The War on Litter

Ok so we’re doing a new thing. Greenspace Talking is going to be a series of posts that are not going to look at any one particular walk or place but rather talk about things that we encounter frequently on our travels that make us think “we should do a post about that!”

Some of these will touch on what we feel are important issues that surround walking and the outdoors, some of it will just be our near-incoherent ramblings. Some posts will be considered articles and others will inevitably descend into ham-fisted rants, depending on the topic.

The first topic in Greenspace Talking is something that, should I come across it on one of our excursions, I try as best as possible to not let it infuriate me (usually to no avail). I refer of course to the one true plague of the outdoors – litter.

Harriet and I have seen quite a bit of it recently. It really saddens and angers us to think that people would act with such destructive disregard. Nothing ruins a natural scene more than seeing a garishly-coloured plastic bottle in the water or a rusty aerosol can on the footpath or a shredded carrier bag knotted around the plantlife.

As considerate walkers that take all our rubbish away with us, we can confirm, as will other walkers, that it requires very little effort to do so. We even end up picking up other people’s litter and taking it with us. At times Harriet has had to talk me out of jumping in to the canal or river to fish something out. My frustration builds to inconceivable levels when I see litter in close proximity to a rubbish bin, which a lot of it is.

I’m sure I am preaching to the converted as far as everyone reading this is concerned so I will only say a little more.

Please help preserve our waterways and countryside by taking your litter home with you. The Canal and River Trust, The National Trust, The Woodland Trust and other similar organisations do an excellent job of managing the outdoors for us to enjoy but they need us to do our part as well.

Here are some pictures of some of the worst examples I’ve seen recently.


I won’t say where these were taken as the point of this is not to name and shame. However, I will say that this is not a general problem and that some places are far worse than others.

Please feel free to share this this if you feel strongly like us and you hate seeing litter in  nice places.

More Greenspace Talking will follow soon. The next instalment will be more optimistic I promise!

Keep exploring in as tidy a manner as possible!

Best Regards,

Adam & Harriet


Twitter: @greenspacewalk1
Instagram: @greenspacewalking







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