Just Visiting: Bath

Having both been to university in this visually stunning and culturally rich place (but not actually met at the time, despite us both living there for the same three years), Harriet and I are frequent visitors of Bath as we love the city and have friends that live there.

There is so much that a visitor to Bath can admire about the city. I look back on my three years in Bath with fondness and there are many things that keep bringing me back. Some people will come for the architecture, some for the history of the place and others will come simply to drink coffee  and watch the street performers. My main regret when looking back on my tenancy in Bath is that I may not have fully appreciated what a vibrant, interesting and cosmopolitan place it is while I was there (probably because I was a student at the time).

Here are just a few pictures I took when I was last there.



Pultney Bridge



Bath Abbey



Bath Spa Station


We will be going back soon to get more pictures and enjoy the city.

You can read about our walk from Bath to Bradford-on-Avon here.

Keep reading for more Greenspace adventures.

Best Regards,

Adam & Harriet


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Instagram: @greenspacewalking










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